American Institute of Architects Chapter Tours Amador Project with WDG Architects

Las Cruces, NM – WDG Architects and GMB Investments NM hosted the Southern New Mexico Chapter of the American Institute of Architects for a tour of the Amador Project in downtown Las Cruces, NM, which is currently under construction.

The Amador Project is designed as an entire block development at South Main Street and Amador Avenue, one of the busiest intersections in the city. Now occupied is the Visit Las Cruces office on the SE corner. The main building is a group of four food and beverage establishments to be operated by Amador Hospitality with The Crown Bar, a full service restaurant and bar, in the center on the NE corner of the block flanked on the south by Martino’s, a cocktail lounge/martini bar, and on the west by The Broken Spoke, a tap room with A LOT of taps (number as yet undisclosed for marketing reasons). On the SW corner of the block is the historic Amador Hotel which is also undergoing a significant restoration and renovation project and will eventually become another banquet and event venue in the group. All the buildings surround a large courtyard venue with a raise performance platform. Every building is designed to maximize the views to the courtyard so the entire block becomes connected to all entertainment events.

Completion of the restaurant/bars is expected within the next couple of months with a grand opening date yet to be announced.

The Visit Las Cruces office second floor deck outside the conference room.

The Visit Las Cruces office lobby.

On the second floor outdoor walkway in front of the administrative offices looking back toward Jax.


The “skybar,” to be known as Jax.

On the “skybar,” to be known as Jax, looking toward the administrative offices and VIP box.

The future event courtyard in the center of the block.

Courtyard view from The Crown Bar patio.

The Future Martino’s bar.

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